Park in Progress 6 – collaborative work

I had the chance to participate in Park in Progress 6 (5th – 14th September) along with 39 other UK and international artists based in Europe.  The 10 days residency took place in Nottingham Castle grounds as part of World Event Young Artists.

The focus of the residency was on encouraging collaboration and transdisciplinary work.  Apart from making work, my interest was also on seeing how each individual would approach this opportunity for collaboration in such a short and intensive period.  During the first days I was pretty uncertain – and I think most of us were – about how we would decide who we would like to work with.  Gradually I realised that this is something that would happen organically.  We weren’t forced to work with specific people; we only had to get to know each other and share common interests.  There was no limitation on how many works we would like to create and how many people we would like to work with.  There were mostly ideas which linked with one another and people who were open-minded enough to explore similar concepts together or find common lines in ideas who were not similar at all.  Some of us decided to create a project from scratch with someone else.  Others had the need to develop their own ideas and asked from other artists to share their skills.  Others explored their own ideas asking from the whole group to contribute to those.  Others linked their own ideas with those of someone else until a new one emerged.  There were also artists who worked on their own.  Some of us focused on one project and some others got involved in many.  Some collaborations were created since the very first days and others emerged throughout the residency.  The main point was that everyone was excited and open to experiment.

I was lucky enough to work with quite a few artists from various disciplines.  Here are the projects I was involved in:

Leak #01 with Stéfane Perraud, Hannah Silva and Wen Chin Fu (Performance installation)


Breathe Normally with Stéfane Perraud, Anna Mawby, Kasia Ozga and Rachel Farrer (Dance performance part of Leak #01)


‘No More’ Manifesto with Mafê Toledo and Emilia Robinson


Roundabout with Rachel Farrer, Emilia Robinson and Mafê Toledo (Dance performance)


For information on all the artists who participated in the residency check out the ParkinProgress website.



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