Review on ‘10,000 litres’

Who knew that breath had so much creative potential? 

It’s perfectly staged, with flawless execution and timing.

A beautiful review on ‘10,000 litres’ by Jacob Charles Wilson at The Double Negative.



You sit in front of a screen. You read some news. You think. You stop thinking. You eat your pop-corn. “It’s kind of alright” you think but you don’t know if this thought is addressed to the news or the pop-corn. You relax back staring at the ceiling. You are thinking “what’s next?” You don’t know the answer. You don’t know what step to take next. You just stare at the ceiling sitting comfortably on your red sofa. You don’t really know for how long you’ve been there. You feel thirsty for quite a while now but you are bored to get up and go to drink some water. “I’ll wait until I can’t stand it any longer” you think “and then I’ll get up”. Is this the reason why you are sat there for so long? Are you just waiting for this non-action mode to become unbearable before you get up and do something? Maybe. And is this unbearable moment the one that defines your actual urgency? Maybe. Perhaps when all the motivation has gone out of the window, it is the urgency that gives you the reason to become active again.